Sarah Hupman

Licensed Esthetician

Zyto Practiconer

 Reiki Master


I’ve always had a desire to be of service to others. After receiving my first facial at 18, I knew I had found part of my calling. In the treatment, I felt nurtured and cared for, not to mention that my skin looked phenomenal! I knew I wanted to give that same experience to others, I wanted to help them feel and look their absolute best. I obtained my first Esthetic License in 2001.Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of both working in education and service positions. It has been my true privilege to pamper, beautifying, educate, and empower my clients in some of the world’s top-rated luxury resorts, spas, and physicians’ offices throughout California, Hawaii, and Nevada.


My dream of having my own business came true on July 7, 2017 the day Glamspa was born. I am so excited to share with you the newest treatments and latest technologies to assist you on your beauty journey. Continued education is of the utmost importance to me. I strive to perfect my techniques in every treatment that I provide. My goal is to have you leave glowing, radiant, rested and rejuvenated. No matter your circumstance or goals you wish to achieve, I will work with you to create the perfect combination of treatments and homecare routine to have you looking and feeling your absolute best


Growing up I noticed that I was more sensitive than other people. I would experience not only my emotions stronger than other people seemed to, but also, I would experience theirs as well. I could feel their sadness, grief, anger, etc. I would know things about people before they would tell me and sometimes, I would know things were going to happen before they did. When this would happen, I would talk with them, listen to them, and offer intuitive counsel. I didn't know why I felt these things, but I knew I wanted to help. Today people would use the term empath or feeler, but at that time those terms were unheard of and there was really no place for me. After asking several people why I was this way and receiving responses like you are just too sensitive, that didn’t happen, it’s just your imagination, and God doesn’t want you to be that way, I stopped asking. I felt I was on my own with this and It was my own secret to decipher. This sent me on a journey.


When I started my career in esthetics, I began receiving feedback such as you have magic hands or healing hands or you have a healing touch.  During facial treatments, I would intuitively sense little things such as where tension was in their shoulders that their massage therapist hadn't been able to find or they just went through a breakup. Sometimes my hands would get warm and I would feel an energy coming out of them. I could also sense the energy of other people. I didn’t know what I was doing and kept to myself. I knew that when I followed the intuitive guidance I received; people felt better.  One day I gave a facial to someone who asked me if I knew that I was doing reiki. I had never even heard of it but I was happy that what I had been doing had a name.

I continued on and didn’t give it too much thought. I thought I might look more into reiki one day, but didn’t take it too much further than that. One day I started reading this book and it asked if something along the lines of if you could do or be anything, what would you do? Immediately I thought to myself, exactly what I'm doing now, I would be an Esthetician and have my own business. Then I heard...within my spirit the words ask again. I was a little confused and then again, I heard the second time... ask again. So, I did. I cleared my mind, laid down and I asked myself the question. The response that came into my mind was Reiki. I would do Reiki. After extensive research and soul searching, I found The International Center for Reiki Training and ended up in Sedona to take Reiki 1 &2. A year later, I continued my education in Southern California and attended classes to become a Holy Fire Reiki Master with William Rand.